planaday provides multiple avenues of visibility and penetration to new markets and customers by promoting your business through hotel lobbies, hotel rooms, web and app. We also provide compelling analytics to assist your marketing and sales initiatives. We put more eyes on your brand and more bums in your seats! 

What we bring to the table:

  • Visibility & penetration to new markets

    • Promote your business within hotel lobbies and rooms
    • We are working to bring on Malls, Service stations, convention centers, airports, and residential condominiums
  • Analytics
    • Ability to track and measure the hits & conversion rates for your location(s) in real time
    • Find out where your customers are coming from: tourists, out of town-ers, locals, people from down the street.
  • Ability to bundle with major attractions
    • Planaday packages include the ability to bundle your restaurant with attractions and retail experiences.
  • Full Menu display
  • No cost on-boarding and customization 

All we need for you:

  • Exclusive offering that gets passed on to the customer (rotating offerings quarterly)

  • Hi Resolution logo of your company
  • Digital copy of your menu
  • Pricing for advertising with planaday available upon request

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Contact us to find out how planaday can help drive traffic for your restaurant.