planaday provides it's retail partners the ability to promote their location(s) and specific products across multiple platforms and markets. We enable locals and tourists to send themselves free vouchers to retail locations via Web, App, Digital Display’s and Hotel room tablets. We help you increase brand awareness and foot traffic while also having the ability to effectively track and measure sales and marketing initiatives. 

What we bring to the table:

  • Visibility & penetration to new markets
    • Have your products and services in Hotel Lobbies
    • Promote your products and services in Hotel rooms
    • We are working to bring on Malls, Service stations, convention centres, airports, and residential condominiums
  • Analytics
    • Ability to track and measure the hit & conversion rates for your location(s) in real time
    • Find out where your customers are coming from: local, tourists, out of town-ers, down the street.
  • Ability to bundle with major attractions and restaurants
    • Planaday packages include the ability to bundle your retail location with attractions and restaurants.
  • Ability to showcase multiple products and/or promote sale events
  • No cost on-boarding and customization 

What we need from you:

  • Exclusive offering that gets passed on to the customer (rotating offerings quarterly)
  • Tiered package pricing – available upon request
  • Hi Resolution logo of your company
  • Pricing for advertising with planaday available upon request


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Contact us to find out how planaday can help drive traffic for your business